How To Write Great Essay Introduction

Even professional writers encounter problems on how to make great essays’ introduction because it is more than just typing words onto your keyboard, but it is what will make sense for your readers to go on reading your essay.

If professional writers struggle on the introduction, what more are amateurs? There are certainly some points that you have to think about when writing your essay introduction. In this article, we are going to highlight the things you have to bear in mind in writing your essay introduction.

Sure-Fire Tips to Write Great essays Introduction

Since your introduction is what will make or break your essay because it is the part the first reach your audience after the title. Here are tips to remember in writing a great introduction.

  • Create a strong impact to your readers by writing a good hook. In this sense, you have to think of the opening sentence that will make your readers think, puzzled, interested, and curious. Simply, your opening sentence must serve as your hook.
  • Make the readers know of your subject. Educate your readers as one of the main purposes of writing your essay. What is the topic about?
  • In the introduction, tell your readers what you plan to discuss to them in your essay.
  • Be sure that in your introduction, you will lead your readers to your subject through your thesis statement.

The Writing Process of Great Essays Introduction

Now that you are done on what tips to consider in writing your introduction, you have to know the details on how to write it in the most effective way.

Begin your essay with a story, anecdote, statistics, general information, or any facts that will arouse your reader’s interest. However, make certain that your opening sentence or hook is related to what you are going to discuss to your readers, so they will not be confused.

Your great essays introduction must slowly lead your audience to your thesis or main point of argument. Commonly, the thesis statement is placed near the end of your essay introduction.

Writing Great Essays Introduction Engage Your Readers until the End!

Remember these tips in writing your introduction if you want to get positive feedbacks from the readers. Be sure to take the readers with you where you want them to be with you.

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