Great Response Essays

A student can be asked to complete a response essay in a situation when they need to give personal opinion (reaction) on some certain event, book, piece of art, film, etc. This writing should include a student’s personal evaluation and understanding of the subject that will be analyzed in a composition.

Writing Great Response Essays

Great essays writers remind that this type of an essay should be based on a completely personal perception of the subject and that’s why it has to be created from the first person. A great response essay is a creative piece of task because in this composition a student has the necessity to express own thoughts, views about the given book, film, journey and so on.

Professional essays writers think that it would be important to get familiar with the proposed task (a subject of the response essay) in details in order to be able to analyze for oneself this subject and afterwards to express personal view on it. Great essays writers give the following example. Students watched a certain film and got a task to produce a response essay in a connection with this picture (the supposed theme of the essay is “If I share the outlook on life of the main characters of the film?”). According to this topic a student can plan one’s great response essay the next way.

Questions on Great Response Essay Writing

Great essays writers think it is appropriate to create an essay of this style with the help of the following questions.

  • What are the main traits of the characters’ personality and how come that they have exactly this outlook on life?
  • What is my personal opinion about such behavior and understanding of life?
  • How would I react and behave in the situations shown in the film?
  • In which situations is it possible to agree with main heroes and where would I behave the other way?

By answering these and similar questions it is possible to form one’s personal opinions about the subject and to produce one’s great response essay. In the process of writing a response composition a student may use phrases like I believe, I suppose, my strong belief is that…, as I understand, I am inclined to think, in this situation I would react …., and so on.

Professional Help with Great Response Essays

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