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A General Structure of a Great Essay

First of all it is well known that an essay should have a beginning, a middle and an end. We are absolutely sure that you have already heard about it! Now we are going to guide you through these three main parts of any essay:

Great Essay Beginning

The beginning usually takes one paragraph. This first paragraph is the introduction of the chosen topic. It is a good rule to start your essay with the definition of the concept. The introduction should then give a clear picture of what is going to be said within the essay.

Great Essay Middle

It is the part where the information that you are providing as an answer to the question goes, the description of the theories and discussion of different concepts. The main point is that information should be coherent! It refers to other sections as well not only to the middle.

Great Essay End

The last section of your essay is a conclusion. It should be the summary of the whole essay, but it should also contain some conclusions about what you have written. Basically it should correspond to the beginning.

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