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Editing and proofreading is the last stage of creating an essay. It is the most responsible stage of the whole writing process. The ideas in your essay may be original and unique, but your spelling may leave much to be desired. And because of poor grammar and spelling mistakes you will not be able to get the mark you deserve. And moreover you don’t want to ruin the professor’s impression. is eager to help you on the way to creating a great essay!

How to Make a Great Essay

  • When you have finally finished your essay, there are several very important things to do to make it flawless. First of all reread your essay. We advise you to do it after a good rest, so you can have a fresh look on your writing and correct some mistakes if needed.
  • The next and very important step is editing, mainly aimed at correcting grammar mistakes. After you reread your essay in the whole, read it sentence by sentence to make sure that you corrected all the words that you misspelled and sentences where you tend to make mistakes.
  • When you have done everything mentioned above, proofread and identify any typos, spelling, punctuation and formatting errors. This final stage must precede the actual essay submission. In order to proofread effectively, read your paper word-by-word and line-by-line. Use a dictionary for everything that makes you doubt, or substitute with something you are absolutely sure about. You may also read it aloud to one of your friends or parents to make sure it sounds coherent and they may also spot mistakes while listening.

Professional Great Essays Proofreading

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