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“All about Me” Great Essays

Are you stuck with your “All about Me” essay? Well, it is not surprising, because you know so many details about yourself and there are so many events and people around you that it is very hard to focus on something particular. So, what exactly should you concentrate on in your “All about Me” essay and what details should you include? Here are a few ideas and guidelines that will help you to write a great essay about you.

Two Important Things You Should Do

There are two important things you should do before getting to write your essay. First of all, you should figure out the purpose of writing an essay like that and explain what is unique about you. Besides that, it would be wise to focus on events and people that shaped your personality and made you the kind of person you are right now.

However, prior to writing anything down be sure to make a list of all your personal qualities, both positive and negative; list all important events in your life and put down the names of people who influenced you in any way. After that, look through the list and decide on the points to include into your essay. Besides information from your past you can also include some of your plans for the future, but make sure to connect them with what you are doing at the moment.

Any Difficulties?

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