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American hardship during the Great Depression was astonishing. People faced many problems due to weak economy. Businesses were going bankrupt back then and unemployment was on the rise, and the main reason for that is because the stock market was doing badly. Due to that many people lost their jobs and people who were trying to get a job did not achieve success because the employers couldn’t afford to pay them. Banks were closing and many people were loosing all of their savings.

Instructive Experience for American People

The Wall Street Crashed on Thursday October 24 1929, signifying the beginning of the Great Depression. Millions of people tried to withdraw their life savings, but did not achieve success and were left all alone with their loans and debts. There was doubt and panic everywhere; many people withdrew their savings from the banks fearing the worst. Industrial production came to a halt. Many free kitchens opened to feed people that were unable to pay for their own food. People formed long lines for free food. It was a terrible period in American history and people shouldn’t forget it if they don’t want to repeat it again in the future.

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