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A critical essay is a type of a composition where an author reveals and explains to the readers their personal opinion about the subject of the writing. Actually by means of this opinion a student can share the author’s position or disagree with it. The sense of one’s great critical essay consists in general of the revealing the author’s way of thinking and evaluation regarding author’s position. It is possible to structure a great critical essay the next way.

Writing Great Critical Essays Step by Step

  • The first step of this type of writing is the presentation of the theme. In this paragraph a student should make an introduction of the subject given by the author. It would be appropriate to include in the text all details connected with the main topic.
  • In the next paragraph of one’s great essay a student can express the author’s attitude to the subject which he or she (the author) writes about. This means to tell the readers the way of author’s evaluation of the matter. This part can include the following expressions : in author’s opinion, this is obvious that… , in the text the writer is introducing an idea that… .
  • After these parts the author of the great critical essay has to start with the personal opinion of the matter. This opinion is the actual attitude to the author’s idea. This part is expressing a student’s way of thinking that might be the same as the author’s or opposite one. A student has to give their view of the situation to be clear to the readers and express directly one’s point of view.
  • The following step may be the explanation of the critical essay writer concerning why he or she is thinking exactly this way (agrees or disagrees with the author). A student can provide this part with word combinations like in my opinion, I suppose that, I agree about…, I disagree with…, my idea is that the writer of the story… .
  • A s a conclusion a student can state clearly an opposition to the author’s idea or agreement with him/her and provide the main explanation why. A student should remember that the ideas and explanations have to be understandable to the readers and provided to them with clear language.

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