Comparison Great Essays

A comparison essay is a type of writing when an author provides two topics as well as states and explains similarities and differences between them. An author can make up a great essay of this type in the following way.

Writing a Great Comparison Essay Step by Step

  • The first can be mentioned an introduction. This is an explanation of the type of a great essay and of its writing sense. The writer has to give readers an explanation why it is necessary to compare some particular topics or their aspects, and maybe for what reason to do this.
  • As the next step a student can reveal the first topic of the great comparison essay. In this paragraph it is worth to open the first theme and all its aspects to the readers in order to make them familiar with it. It is necessary to provide this part with positive and negative sides of the topic in order to be able to give a comparison between the first and the second theme objectively.
  • The next paragraph should be devoted to the second theme which will be later compared to the first one. But in this part of a great comparison essay a student has to pay attention to the second topic separately. It means to give description of the topic, to open it in as many aspects as possible, to pay attention to the remarks of researchers, etc.
  • Afterwards it is important to mention the comparison of the two topics because this is the sense of writing a great contrast essay. In this paragraph a student pays attention to the similarities and differences of the themes and describes them in connection with each other. It can be comfortable to make a list which will show the contrast of the subjects and the list where they have certain connection.
  • The final part of the great essays is usually a general conclusion. In this piece of writing a student brings together the general points of each part of a great essay. It is worth reminding the readers about the two themes, the reasons for their comparison, the sides which show the connection and the controversy. The process of comparison can also support one topic more than the other. This aspect is also possible to mention in the text in order to open the sense of the contrast essay completely.

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