Common Mistakes in Great Essays Writing

Writing an essay may seem easy at first but as a rule the task turns out to be much more difficult, than it seemed to be. Take into account the common mistakes students make and try to avoid them:

Mistakes in content

The only thing you have to do is to remember a few “Nevers” representing potential pitfalls to avoid:

  • Never write an essay, in which the content does not reflect and develop the real topic.
  • Never write an essay without an introduction.
  • Never write an essay without a thesis.
  • Never write a thesis statement that you will fail to develop due to the lack of ideas.
  • Never use ideas, which you cannot prove with examples.
  • Never write an essay without a conclusion.

Mistakes in style

The most commonly observed stylistic problems are as follows:

  • Word repetition.
  • Inappropriate words and phrases, which are either too formal or too informal.
  • Too many passive structures.
  • Too long or too short sentences.

Mistakes in spelling

Even if you study mathematics or physics, spelling is still an important part of writing any academic work. If you deal with humanities, you should be even more attentive about this aspect of writing.

Mistakes in grammar

Grammar is an important element of any piece of academic writing and there is hardly anything that deteriorates the overall impression of a great essay, than a grammar mistake.

Remember, even if you master one field, but make some obvious mistakes in another, it may spoil the impression of your whole essay. That’s why only professional team of experienced writers specializing in different fields of academic writings can make your essay great!

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