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Writing an essay is a complicated and time consuming process which usually consists of several steps. advises you to start brainstorming after you have already chosen the topic of your essay and analyzed it in details.

Brainstorming in Great Essay Writing

Brainstorming – is an organized approach for producing ideas by letting the mind think without interruption.  Start with asking yourself a lot of questions like “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”,“When?” and “Why?”. Write down everything that comes into your mind. Do not try to evaluate ideas at this stage, but when you are finished, read the list very carefully and try to find the common ideas and unite them in several groups. Each group should correspond to one main idea. Use a marker or special symbols to highlight them. This will be very helpful on your next stage of writing a great essay.

Brainstorming is really helpful not only in writing essays, but in life and business decisions as well. Brainstorming is an art of coming up with the most creative ideas! This process requires a lot of time and out of the box thinking!

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