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Many students get an assignment to write an essay on Alexander the Great. Everyone knows who he was, but have very hard time writing about him, because there is a lot of controversy around his name. If you have been given an essay topic on Alexander the Great, and you are struggling to write a sound essay, then you should turn for help to our custom essay writing company.

Alexander the Great was not always known by this title. He earned it after a remarkable demonstration of his political shrewdness, military genius and cultural visions. Only his achievements in conquest and government transformed him into a legendary figure whose name knows everyone in the world. He unified and Hellenized most of the ancient world, creating a mighty empire.

Alexander was born in 356 B.C. His father was Philip – brother of King Perdiccas III of Macedonia, in northern Greece Alexander’s mother was Olympias – daughter of King Neoptolemus I of Epirus, in modern Albania. Philip made sure that the boy was well educated and trained. Alexander was educated during his early teenage years by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle who performed his duty of preparing the young boy for undertaking campaigns against the Persian Empire as well as inculcating in him a love of learning so vital to Hellenic culture.

Alexander The Great Contribution to The World History

Alexander the Great had indeed established a formidable and sprawling empire, founded numerous cities bearing his name and had infused Asia with the dynamic Hellenic culture, which would influence the region for many centuries to come. We can write a state of the art Alexander the Great essay for you, so turn to our company and rest assured knowing that you will get a great essay right on time.

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