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How Computers Affect Literacy In Elementary Age Children


 The question of how modern day computer aided technology impacts literacy amongst the elementary age children is principally significant today. Educators and teachers have responded to the mounting demand in the information age to incorporate technology across the school curriculum (Armstrong & Charles 43). The long-established literacy instruction involves the use of textbooks lessons, ability groups, work book pages and writing down what the teacher taught. This is very different from the 21st century learning which requires that the learners communicate with the peers, read e-books, send and receive email, locate and use online information and generate reports using a presentation software package (Gilster 19).

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 In practice, computers thaw the essence of learning; educators keep moaning concerning the declining literacy level while in essence computers in elementary level diminish the culture of learning. Computers favor images and videos as opposed to words (David 187). The computers don’t make a room for the elementary children to attain basic learning skills such as arithmetic and spelling. The computers prospective to offer educational solutions are modestly greater than books in some areas; however, its ability to harm is infinitely greater, across the board.

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 Background To The Problem And Significance

Both the teachers and students in the 21st century are responding optimistically to the new computer learning and teaching tools. The multimedia has been progressively instituted as a teaching aid for the students in elementary level (David 187). The multimedia platform aided through computer technology helps to combine text sound and pictures so that students don’t have to read the old rugged book but rather browse on the screen watch and listen as plot of the story is being relayed.  The book is more portable and comparatively cheap as compared to the computer. The multimedia facilities garner troubling ramifications the documents are presented on the screen and there is no imposition for students to understand the start to finish order (David 187).

When the students are used to the multimedia facilities they never quite get to understand how a story’s plot unfold, they have no idea the logical sequence in which lines should be organized in order to make a paragraph. The logical argument of how a story is constructed and relayed across is very important for students to grasp; the elementary school students must know how authors work hard to construct the story (David 188). They must know the preliminaries and the labors of bringing forth the story before they even visualize the characters used in such stories. In order for a narrative to read in a certain way and to pass across a given theme or message the author labor’s hard. Stories do not comprise of conglomerate paragraphs they are deliberately constructed word by word, line by line until they become paragraphs and then the story flows. Multimedia facilities undermine the root of the story, the labors of making a narrative flow logically, the genesis of the story (David 188).

Discuss your problem from different points of view: show what researches have been already done, what opinions different scientists have. Don’t list only those facts that support your thesis statement. On contrary, try to highlight a couple of cases when people acted not in the way you had suggested. And don’t forget about proper citing.

Recommended Solution And Implementation

It’s apparent that computers have the latent to achieve inspiring feats in the learning environment. In order for the educators and the schooling fraternity as a whole to tap into the potential of computer aided education a new crop of education soft wares must be instituted. This softwares should be education friendly in that they will be aiding the students to learn (Armstrong & Charles 102). They should have a platform through which the students are challenged to think and garner knowledge by interacting with the computers.  Computers should not replace the convectional learning exercises like spelling, writing and reading they should be set aside and used during the relaxation periods in the class. They should not in any way take the place of the teacher and bring a disconnect between the students and their tutors (Papert 83). This way, the teacher is able to pass on the relevant skills such as counting, reading and adding and then the computers are later used to cross check the concept when the students already have the foundational knowledge.

Moreover, personalized teaching whereby a teacher addresses every student as a single person not as a group helps teachers to be effective in relaying information to the children. The computers do not allow personalized training as the whole group is often taught in unison. Computers, just like the books help the students to mobilize their inherent resources and acquire knowledge by themselves, but the teacher has the role of guiding, mentoring and coaching the students something that the computers cannot do (Van et al 76). The computers can therefore not replace the teachers and neither can they be allowed to have the central place when it comes to the elementary level children.   

When it comes to recommendations part, try to be creative! Your suggestion are valuable, so don’t be shy to express them with a short reference to those solutions that already exist. Examples and samples would be very useful.


At the elementary level children can use the computers in positive and effective ways. When computers are used positively, they can help in the educational development of the students. Computers cannot however be allowed to take the place of the convectional learning. Teachers must reinforce the basic learning skills such as reading writing, spelling, adding and subtracting. This is pivotal in helping to sharpen the mental ability of the students to make sure that they are well versed with the preliminary educational skills (Papert 114). Computers should be used in the periods of rest to help the students in reinforcing and plying the acquired theoretical knowledge. If children are allowed to use computers in the elementary levels of their education they should be taught how to limit computer usage to practical lengths of time. Teachers should supervise the children to avoid access of harmful or inappropriate content.

Great essay conclusion should summarize your paper: shortly remind about the problem, existing solutions and list your suggestions. If there are any restrictions, don’t forget to mention them.

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